About Me

Hello, my name is Ron Fisher.  I recently received my Master's degree in Entertainment Business Management from Full Sail University.   Before attending Full Sail I worked with my friends to launch their own independent label, 56 & Runnin' Ent LLC. I love working with them on many projects and sharing in some of their most recent successes.  I also manage an artist on the 56 & Runnin' label by the name of Chris DeVille. As a result of my efforts I recently started my own business called "The Roundtable Empire".  The Roundtable Empire is home to Hip Hop and a place where aspiring artists can look for support.

I am very interested in both artist management and the entertainment industry.  With Full Sail University giving me the tools to be successful in this field and with the experience I have received in these past years I feel that it is now time to move and grow on my own.   I am starting this blog in hopes to communicate with others who share in the same passions as I do.  I hope that you will find this blog to be both insightful and entertaining.